a r r i v é e [pronounce:arrivé]

1. French word, feminine noun, first meaning: arrival
arrival at the market of office and contract furniture with desks, tables, chairs, sofas, etc...

example 1. arrival at a fresh, trendy office
ex. 2. arrival at the elegant reception area of a bank
ex. 3. arrival at a welcoming young cafe
ex. 4. arrival at the glamorous reception hall of a hotel

2. second meaning: finish line (in race)
our finish line, our target:
ex.1. the creation of a unique, personalized space
ex.2. full service to the biggest satisfaction of the client with short delivery term, punctual delivery, professional and quick assembling, long guarantee period
ex.3. a client with a smile

past tense
: 11 year experience on the contract furniture market
: ambition, dynamism, creativity
: for instance with You

ergonomic workstations, optimal space use, balance in aesthetics and functionality, colourful furnishing, dynamic forms

Common expressions:
Arrivée-quick: Finding the quickest solution for you!
Arrivée design: Thinking together for your project!